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About Membership

Becoming a member of Freedom From Fear Recovery Group includes:

Access to our unique and comprehensive MP3 recovery program

The program covers in great detail the causes and symptoms of anxiety. It explains why you are in the state that you are in, how to recover from the state you are in and how to stay recovered. You can find out more details about our program here.

Access to our members only online support forum family

Our online forum is unique. Members are always there, from around the world, to support one another to recover. It is unique because every member has access to a program that, if applied, leads to total recovery. Unlike other forums, our members know that they have found the solution and can support each other as they recover by sharing their experience and knowledge. You can find our more about our forum here.

You will automatically become a paid up member of Anxiety Free International CIC and have the right to vote in elections of our board.

We are very proud of the way we are run. Freedom From Fear is owned by Anxiety Free International and run exclusively by anxiety and ex-anxiety sufferers. We run on a not for profit basis and our members, if they wish to, volunteer to help in the running of our organisation. You will be a part of that organisation and have your vote at any elections we hold as to what should happen. We also consult with our members about any changes we are going to make to our services.

There is no-one better placed to help an anxiety sufferer than someone who has been in the same position and that has come through it.

The reason that you have not yet recovered, is that no one has been able to show you how.

Pricing - Membership for one year costs £80.00 (British Pounds)

After a year you will have the option to renew your membership. The current membership renewal fee is £35.00 (British Pounds)

Our pricing is designed to ensure that it costs less than one counselling session to become a member. You can find out about where your money goes in our about us section.

You can convert to your local currency here.