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Here are some common questions asked by anxiety sufferers. The answers assume that you have been medically examined and told that there is nothing organically wrong and your suffering is caused by anxiety/depression/nervous illness.

Is it truly possible to completely recover from the state I am in?
Yes it is possible. The author of our program has been recovered for almost 16 years using this approach and has seen his clients recover. Dr Claire Weekes used the same approach as found in our program and helped thousand's of people in person and through her books and recordings to recover.
I have suffered for 10,20,30,40 or 50 years and my question is will I finally reach a point of no return where recovery is now beyond me?
The answer is a definite NO. Why? We have members that have suffered for all of the above periods and longer that have finally received the right help through this program.
I have read that this is a serious mental disorder. Is this true?
The answer is NO. It is neither serious nor mental. Frightening yes, serious no. Also, you are nervously ill not mentally ill. (Such as someone experiencing schizophrenia or psychotic episodes.)
Sometimes I feel I am going crazy. Could or will this ever happen?
It is impossible for someone in an anxiety state to go crazy. We promise you the following:
  1. 1. There is no edge to go over
  2. 2. Your feelings WILL NOT (indeed CAN NOT) finally grow beyond your control.
  3. 3. What you imagine will NEVER EVER HAPPEN.
To recover is it important that first I go back into my past to try and find the cause of my present state?
In our experience it is not necessary to go back into the past to find a hidden cause for suffering. Sufferers are concerned with the state they are in now. If you learn how to cope correctly with the state you are in your suffernig will resolve itself. Also, if you recover the right way you will develop an inner confidence you have never had as well as having great compassion towards other sufferers.
I have been taking anti-depressants for many years. Will this program help me come off them?
Recovery includes being able to cope and feel well without medication. This program will definitely help you come off your medication. We are not medically qualified to advise you how and when to come off your medication. However, our members know when they are feeling strong again and the time is right to think about coming off their medication, which should be done with the help of their prescriber.
There is so much information on the internet about anxiety, panic disorders, phobia's, O.C.D, depression etc that I don't know which way to turn or who to believe. It is so confusing. I have tried so many avenues to no avail. Please answer TRUTHFULLY, will this program work for me?
Truthfully Yes. This approach is not a magic pill, but when it is practiced persistently the right way, the program and forum work. We have never seen a case where anxiety has not responded when a member listens persistently and applies the approach that they have learnt.
Is anxiety/depression/nervous illness a biological illness that you have to live with?
Our experience is that when anxiety is dealt with in the right way the body adjusts back to normal levels of functioning and anxiety symptoms fade away. Many of our members have been told that they are suffering from a biological illness but have gone on to recover.
Do you have a support line or offer one to one counseling?
Our program and forum are self-help resources. We do not offer telephone or email services. Users find that listening and applying the program, and supporting one another through our forum is enough.
Are you a religious organisation?
No, we have no religious or spirtual basis for our organisation. Our program is a practical program for coping with anxiety and its symptoms. We are open to people from all walks of life, of all faiths and none. We do ask, however, as part of our forum rules, that members do not impose their religious views on others.
Is this just a money making scam?
We created this organisation as a group of people that have been through the depths of the anxiety state and come out of the other side. We explain in the about us section of the website where your membership fee goes. Anxiety Free International, that runs the Freedom From Fear Group, is set up on a not for profit basis. Currently we have no paid employees and our directors are not remunerated. You can see some of the faces behind Anxiety Free International on our website:
What about confidentiality?
Your personal details will never be shared with any other organisation. You can choose whatever username you wish on the forum if you do not wish to disclose your identity. Please also see our privacy policy.